I am accountable

Ever since I started my journey from the Navy into the world of IT I have been constantly writing notes, thoughts, and opinions.

My hunger to learn and develop myself has never been so apparent. I was an under-achiever in school and it is only through my own determination and an aspect of luck that I find myself doing a job I love.

Books, podcasts, YouTube, the content for self-development and learning is everywhere.

My one hope in taking the plunge into broadcasting myself online is that people realise that no amount of academic accreditation can beat the will to want to better yourself.

It is never too late to make a change.

In saying that, you have to make yourself accountable.

I decided to leave the Navy and had 12 months to sort myself out, a risk yes, but it made me accountable to myself and pushed me to put every effort into not being another service leaver who ended up in a dead end job.

It’s hard, there is no getting away from that but little by little you will get where to where you want or need to be.

As they say, you have to put some skin into the game…..


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